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What Lorna Crozier and Randy Bogoda are reading during this time of isolation. May 1, 2020
Via the CBC’s The Sunday Edition

ReadLocalBC Rob Taylor’s interview with Lorna Crozier about The House the Spirit Builds
(April 2020)

Lorna discusses What the Soul Doesn't Want with Shelagh Rogers on The Next Chapter. Listen here.

Listen here to Shelagh chat with Patrick Lane and Lorna Crozier.

Here she reads a poem on Michael Enright's Sunday Edition.

The Early Edition featured Lorna and Ian McAllister discussing their collaboration The Wild in You.

Click here to listen to Lorna’s interview with Joseph Planta of the website (November 2009)
Watch and listen to Lorna read a few poems from The Book of Marvels. With music. Here is “Bobby Pins.”
Lorna’s poem "Fear of Snakes" has been adapted into a 35mm short film of the same name by Canadian filmmaker Andreas Mendritzki. It has screened around North America and won first prize at the 2009 Chicago International Children's Film Festival.

Brick Books
Celebration of Canadian Poetry
Week 28 – Lorna Crozier presented by Michael V. Smith
Composer Leslie Uyeda ( created musical scores for voice, piano and other instruments using the words from Lorna’s poems. Ranging from “Midnight Watch” to “The Sex Lives of Vegetables,” Lorna's poems are transformed through song and instrumentation. The music is available from Avondale Press.
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