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Teaching at Wintergreen, 2016.
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Signing books at Festival of Words, 2016.
At the Vancouver Writers Fest in October 2015, Jordan Wade interviewed Lorna for Novus TV. A new addition in Saskatchewan. At Winnipeg’s Thin Air Literary Festival, 2014. Launch of <em>The Wrong Cat </em>at Munro’s Books, May 12, 2015. Lorna adds preacher to her resumé. Because you can never have too many photos of Roxie. Blow softly into each other's nostrils. A living room session circle of poets. With Kathy Sinclair, Executive Director of the Kamloops Arts Council at a benefit reading in Kamloops, Nov. 7, 2015. Lorna was honoured to give the address at the ceremony introducing Shelagh Rogers as the University  of Victoria’s new chancellor.
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Collage by Lorna Crozier